“Dye in a Box” Producing Lighter Blue

I bought your dye sample kit and used in a lecture at my school. When I showed the students the dyed pieces of wool (blue/purple), one of the boys asked, Why is it that the raw piece of wool looks a lot lighter in color than real finished tzitzit?

There are a few of factors which influence the final shade: (1) ratio of dye:water (2) ratio dye:wool (3) time allowed for dye to set in wool. (1) If you have a very diluted solution, the final outcome will be lighter than if you have a concentrated solution; (2) If you put in a lot of wool relative to the amount of solution this will also play into having a lighter outcome; (3) Even if you have high dye concentration and a little bit of wool relative to the amount of solution, if you don’t let the wool sit in the dye solution for long enough, it will come out lighter than if you let it sit. – Mois Navon