Certificate of Kashrut

I hereby affirm that the tzitzit – including the threads of tekhelet from the “Ptil Tekhelet” factory in Kfar Adumim – the tekhelet in these threads are made from the sea snail, the Murex trunculus, which several of the Gedolim agree upon.

I affirm that for the purpose of those who are interested and want this tekhelet, the “blood” which is derived from the aforementioned snail is pure, with no addition of any other snail “blood” or dye.

All the dyeing of the wool is done by workers who are Yirei Shamayim by hand, and done with the utmost consideration for the mitzvah of TekheletLeshem Mitzvat Tzitzit.

All the tzitzit strings which are made in this factory are made “lishma” – for the expressed purpose of tzitzitLeshem Mitzvat Tzitzit by Jews who are Shomrie Torah Umitzvot from beginning to end at every stage of this Avodat kodesh

Valid only when the package bears the silver colored hologram sticker