Ptil Tekhelet provides genuine Tekhelet strings so Jews can once again fulfill the mitzvah of wearing Tekhelet on their Tzitzit.

About 1300 years ago, the secrets of Tekhelet, this wondrous blue color and the identity of the mysterious sea creature  – the Chillazon – that produced the dye was lost. Over the past half-century, a convergence of research and discoveries by Rabbis, scientists, archaeologists, and others has led to the conclusive identification of the sea-snail, Murex trunculus, as the authentic source of Tekhelet.

Tekhelet Overview

Find out more about the mitzvah of Tekhelet and its meaning, how Tekhelet is made and the history of its loss and rediscovery in our time

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Ordering Tekhelet is simple with our online store. A large selection of pre-tied garments, strings, books and educational material

Tying Resources

Get answers as how to choose from the different string types and tying methods, what size Tallit or Tzitzit is best for you and more


Browse or search our online library featuring hundreds of articles and audio or video lectures and shiurim on all topics related to Tekhelet

New and Noteworthy

13th Annual "והיה לכם לציצית"

Ptil Tekhelet is proud to offer the 13th volume of the Kuntres on issues dealing with tzitzit and Tekhelet. This pamphlet includes articles written by:
  • Harav Meir Mazuz
  • Harav Adir Cohen
  • Harav Avraham Yeshayahu Kluft
  • Harav Ovadiah ben Harav Yaakov Yosef
  • Harav Natan Rotman
  • Harav Shilo Gad Chozeh

To download the pamphlet, click here>>

Ptil Tekhelet Visitors Center

Torah, Jewish History, Chemistry and Biology come alive as you learn about the ancient world’s most valuable color

Experience the process of making genuine Tekhelet
Observe an actual dyeing demonstration
Take part in a unique Virtual Reality underwater experience in search of the Chilazon sea-snail

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Daf Yomi – Perek HaTekhelet (Menachot 38a)

Once every seven years, daf yomi learners reach the 4th chapter of Menachot, which includes the largest Talmudic concentration of laws pertaining to Tzitzit and Tekhelet. Ptil Tekhelet has collected various articles, shiurim and other resources to aid those interested in understanding the Talmud’s discussion.

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Hechsher – Rabbinic Certification

Ptil Tekhelet’s production is certified Badatz Mehadrin under the authority of Harav Avraham Rubin of Rechovot, Israel

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