Terms and Conditions

Ptil Tekhelet Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchase method

1.1.      Filling out complete information is a prerequisite to making any purchase. After filling out complete information the participant becomes the “Transaction maker”. To guarantee quick, efficient and smooth reservation, it is required to provide complete and accurate details.

1.2.      The charging of the transaction maker for the product or service he/she ordered, shall be made by credit card, after the approval of the transaction by the credit card companies.

1.3.      A customer requesting to pick up the product from one of the branches will be charged the full amount of the reservation (products may not be reserved in the lack of full payment).

1.4.      The information, as it was entered on the registration page, and the recording of the transaction in the store’s computer system, will constitute a conclusive evidence of the correctness of the transactions. The responsibility for filling out the information applies to the customer only. The store takes no responsibility for any incorrect information which may have been entered.

1.5.      Providing false information is a criminal offense and any person providing such false information shall be subject to legal criminal and civil proceedings.

1.6.      In the event that that the transaction has not been approved by the credit card companies the transaction maker shall receive an according notice within 96 hours and the order shall be deemed canceled.

1.7.      For more information and inquiries it is possible to contact the store directly by phone and/or e-mail: +972-2-5900577 [email protected]

  1. Transaction Cancellation (Refers to transaction remotely made through the company
    website (“The Store”) or by telephone only)

2.1.      As a rule, the customer may cancel the transaction subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 1981.

2.2.      Product Return Policy, not due to a defect in a remote transaction:

2.3.      This policy applies to transactions made through the online store (remote transaction) and to transactions made by phone only.

2.4.      When the transaction was carried out frontally (with the client facing the sales person at the branches), the determining return policy is the policy published at the branches.

  1. Shelf Product Returns

3.1.      It is permissible to return a shelf product purchased from the store and/or ordered by phone within up to 14 days from the purchase date and to obtain credit or full refund provided the following cumulative conditions are met:

3.2.      The product was returned in its original packaging with no tangible damage to the product and/or its packaging.

3.3.      No use was made of the product.

3.4.      Subject to legal cancellation fees and the store’s policy.

  1. Returning a product assembled according to the customer’s demands

4.1.      The purchase of a product, assembled according to the wishes and demands of the consumer is not permissible (provided it was supplied to the customer) and it may not be returned and/or replaced, except due to the detection of a manufacturing defect in one of its components, or in the event of a discrepancy between the supplied product and the agreed order specifications. Notwithstanding the foregoing and without limiting the foregoing, the company may (yet not obliged to), and ex gratia at its sole discretion.

4.2.      A transaction for the purchase of a product assembled according to customer requirements, even in the absence of a manufacturing defect and/or discrepancy. Cancellation may be made upon the company’s discretion, provided that a repair shop test done by the store indicates that the product was returned in normal unused condition. In this case the company may charge the customer a cancellation fee of 10% of the cost of the transaction.

4.3.      In any event of cancellation and credit, the company shall refund the customer in the same payment method used by the customer. In the case of cash payment the refund will be made by check sent to the customer’s address by registered mail up to 14 days from the date of cancellation. Credit cards will be credited by the credit card company.

4.4.      Any event of cancellation and credit and/or replacement is permissible provided that the original invoice in respect of such purchase was presented.

4.5.      In no event may a product be returned if 14 days have passed from the date of purchase.

4.6.      If the product was delivered to the customer, such product must be returned by the customer to one of the branches, in complete and intact condition and in its original packaging (along with the original invoice).

4.7.      If the customer suspects that the product is defective within the first 14 days after receiving the product, the customer must visit one of Ivory repair shops and inspect the product. If the product was found to be defective, the customer may receive a new product or alternatively receive his money back with no refund on shipping.

4.8.      Shipping charges will be collected before sending the product, at the same time with paying the order. It is hereby agreed that a sending reference constitutes conclusive evidence that the customer has received the product.

  1. Transaction cancellation by the store

The store may cancel a transaction or a sale, either in whole or in or part, in the following cases:

5.1.      If an error was made in the presentation of the item at the store and/or in the shipment of the product to the customer, whether in terms of price or in terms of the products’ description and specifications.

5.2.      If it is discovered that a communication error has occurred and/or any other technical problem that falsified the product’s price and/or description.

5.3.      In the case of prevention and/or delay due to force majeure, such as, but not limited to: act of war, hostilities, terrorism, cyber assault, intentional or unintentional malfunction at the store site, strikes and lockouts, extraordinary natural events, fault clearing of credit cards and any other reason that is not the result of an act or omission of the store. In any case were the store determines to, at its exclusive discretion, that there is a risk that the transaction was carried out as part of a wholesale purchase.

5.4.      And/or that the products are purchased for the purpose of resale by the purchaser or his/her representative.

5.5.      If the product runs out of the online store’s inventory warehouse before or after the sale was made (yet prior to the shipment to the customer).

5.6.      If an operating system / Office OEM was purchased while no portable or desktop computer was purchased in the same order.

5.7.      When it is suspected, at the discretion of the store, that the consideration for the acquisition will not be accepted.

  1. Supply of Products

6.1.      The store shall make sure to supply the product or service purchased on-site to the address entered on the registration page, within the time specified in the product’s sale page, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

6.2.      The store will act to supply the product by courier within 6 working days, by registered mail within 10 working days, subject to full payment by credit card.

6.3.      The store shall not be responsible for any delay in the delivery of the product under circumstances arising from force majeure as detailed in Section 5.3 above and/or under circumstances beyond its control.

6.4.      In areas with limited access to the courier service, the store and/or supplier shall be entitled to supply the products to the customers at a nearby and acceptable location, in arrangement with the customer.

6.5.      Deliveries shall be made to areas to which registered mail is delivered by Israel Post and/or to areas to which UPS and/or courier services deliver, depending on the selected shipping method.

6.6.      There is a different tariff for shipments to remote destinations such as the Arava, Eilat, Kiryat Shmona, the Golan Heights and the like, the tariff will be presented by phone after the purchase according to the type of package.

6.7.      Product and/or service supply times, as they are specified in the sale page, include business days only, namely Sunday-Thursday, not including Fridays and Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays.

6.8.      Personal collection of the products can be made from any of the branches, the customer shall arrive at one of the branches of the company only after prior appointment or after receiving a text message sent to his mobile phone, which announces that the product arrived at the selected branch. In such case no shipment fees shall be charged.

6.9.      Products are supplied to the customer’s home by courier or to the post office nearest to the customer Israel Post, as specified in the order and according to the specific location’s mailing procedure.

6.10.   The terms shipment and supply in these regulations mean: all the necessary operations since the reception of the product at the supplier’s warehouses and until its actual handing to the customer. Such operations include reception, sorting, packaging, labeling, shipping, delivery and insurance.

6.11.   In some cases it could be that a product that appears on the website had run out of stock at the store, while this is revealed only after the acquisition. In such cases the customer shall be contacted, not charged and the order will be canceled.

6.12.   Shipment supply time is measured from the reception of the order confirmation by the store.

6.13.   Upon supplying the order at the branch, the credit card with which the order was charged through the website will be verified. Please bring the credit card used for such charging and an ID certificate of the cardholder for verification purposes. The order will only be supplied to the credit card holder.

6.14.   Delivery carried out by courier – the courier will arrive at the delivery address between 8:00 – 18:00 by the end of the business day via courier service and without prior arrangements.