The Essential Tekhelet Articles

BooksLibraryIn continued celebration of the
Centennial Year to Tekhelet Research

we would like to present the:

Essential Tekhelet Articles Series

These important articles range in topic from science to halacha, history and archeology, from world renowned experts in the field.

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Article IV

Tyrian Purple: an Ancient Dye, a Modern Problem

J. T. Baker

The production of Tyrian purple from various species of shellfish was once a considerable industry in the Mediterranean countries. Although the use of the dye has long been abandoned, the process by which it was made, and the chemistry by which the colorless precursor in the mollusc is converted into the richly colored dye are of much interest.

Article III

The Symbolism of Blue and White

Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik

Tekhelet and white (lavan) are both integral parts of the mitzvah of tzitzit. They represent two aspects of man’s understanding of the world. These aspects appear in one’s personal life, in relationships, and in history – particularly in the history of the Jewish People. We are challenged to contemplate the dialectic that tekhelet and lavan symbolize as we press the tzitzit to our lips while reciting the Shema prayer daily…

Article II

Identifying the Chillazon

Chaim E. Twerski

The argument for identifying chilazon as Murex trunculus has much merit. However, it cannot be said this identification can be 100% absolute, both with regard to the species or even with regard to the color. Nonetheless, the element of certainty would seem to surpass the threshold needed for identification l’halacha. Moreover, there is no issur in wearing a blue colored thread in the tzitzit, even if it turns out that this is not techelet, a point made poignantly by the Radziner Rebbe, in his sefer, Ptil Techelet… 

Article I

The Dyeing with Murex Extracts, an Unusual Dyeing Method of Wool to the Biblical Sky Blue

Otto Elsner and Ehud Spanier
Proceedings of the 7th International Wool Textile Research Conference, Tokyo, 1985 Vol. V

We came to the conclusion that as we discovered the change in color due to irradiation, so did the ancient dyer… 

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