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Tekhelet Marine Tour – Sukkot 5775

Wave Ptil Tekhelet is happy to announce that it will be conducting 1/2 day tours at Chof Dor (Kibbutz Nachsholim near Zichron Yaacov)
Chol Hamoed Sukkot (Sunday-Tuesday, Oct. 12-14).
The tour combines an exciting experience of fun and learning for the whole family.

Swim, snorkel , dye tekhelet, and learn about the world’s most valuable color, Biblical Blue.
Learn Jewish History, Torah, Archeology, Biology and Chemistry.
Find out the secrets of the lost tekhelet dye of the ancients and come face to face with the mysterious sea-snail that started it all..

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SPACE IS LIMITED – ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED    To reserve, please contact Rabbi Mois Navon: +972-50-854-4612, [email protected]