Ptil Tekhelet Tzitzit Tying Bureau

shittot-parchmentPtil Tekhelet Tzitzit Tying Bureau

In an effort to assist people around the world in locating someone to tie their tzitzit, the  Ptil Tekhelet Organization provides this international listing of tzitzit tiers.  Ptil Tekhelet  cannot guarantee the quality of the work produced by tiers not part of the Amuta,  however we do strive to list only those people we have interviewed, tested for  fundamental knowledge of hilchot tzitzit and seen a sample of their work.

Each person is to be contacted directly and charges the going rate in their area.  Email  addresses are listed using the word “at” in place the @ symbol in an effort to reduce  spammer abuse (addresses of people in the amuta are listed normally since our  addresses have unfortunately already been abused).

If you are interested in being part of the Ptil Tekhelet Tzitzit Tying Bureau, please send your information, along with  pictures of your work, and religious institution affiliation (e.g., synagogue membership)  to:

Anyone interested in learning how to tie any of the various methods is encouraged to use our various hands-on guides available in our Tekhelet Tying Tools.

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CountryLocationNameTying MethodsPhoneEmailAddress
AustraliaSydneyDr Robert J. LewinGr”a,
IsraelBet ShemeshYosef
IsraelGivat ShmuelGilad LifshitzALL050-631-0486
IsraelGush Etzion, JerusalemNatan SegalALL02-993-1823
IsraelGush Etzion, JerusalemMois
IsraelHaderaYirmiyahu FischerALL but
IsraelJerusalemJoshua HalickmanALL but Rambam02-673-1461, 052-534-7548, 718-593-4162 (US #)
IsraelBayit VeGanNatan
IsraelRa’anana, Herzeliyah, HasharonAmi
IsraelMaalei Adumim, JerusalemJoel
IsraelGush Etzion, JerusalemOri
IsraelKarnei ShomronEddy
IsraelNeve YaakovR. Shlomoh;
IsraelOfra, Maaleh Adumim, JerusalemAsaf
IsraelBet ElShlomo Meir EisenmanALL but
UKLondonRuby MarriottALL(791)
USAFairfield, CTRabbi Yirmiyahu
USAFive Towns,Michael RosenfeldALL(516)
USAAtlanta, GA, YU, NYCAkiva BergerHinuch,
USAGreat Neck, LI, NYMarcel
USABala Cynwyd, PAJonathan
USAAustin, TXDave
USABaltimore, MD;Noah AbramowitzHinuch, Gra(443)
USABoston, MAWillie RothALL201 965
USABoston, MADavid
USABrooklyn NY, Deal NJ, Ithaca NYBert
USABrooklyn, Flatbush, NYZechariah SteinerHinuch, Gra516-376-8537
USACentral New JerseyLeon T.
USAFive Towns & Queens, NYEitan
USALos Angeles, CAYonah HillerALL but
USALos Angeles, CAYitzchak ShapiroALL(818)
USACincinnati, OHSteven GoldsteinALL but
USACleveland OH, Milwaukee WIShmuel Yitzchok
USAMonsey, NYR. Melech
USACleveland, OHRabbi David
USACleveland, OH;Eitan
USANew JerseyMeir FinkelsteinALL but
USADallas, TXJanos-Mordechai
USADeal,Martin GubermanALL but
USADetroit and NYC areaYaakov GormezanoALL(347)
USARockville, MDYoni BenamouALL(301)
USASan Francisco, CAJoshua SkootskyALL but
USASilver Spring, MDNatan ZimandALL(301)
USAElizabeth, NJDanny
USATeaneck, NJDoniel
USATeaneck, NJ, Riverdale NYYarone TokayerALL201 566
USAWashington, DCAvi
USATeaneck, NJDJ (Dovid Yakov) WartelskyALL(201)
USACherry Hill, NJNesanel Epstein (The Tallisman)ALL(856)745-9588