Woman Tying Tzitzit on a Tallit for her Chatan

I would like to give a gift of tallit with tekhelet to my hatan. I know tzitzit tied by a woman are kasher bediavad, but what’s the best approach, in your opinion?

The words of the Shulhan Aruch (OH 14:1) state that women can tie tzitzit, however the Rama adds that there are those who are strict to have a man tie and “it is good to do so l’chathila.” Clearly the Ashkenazi tradition is for a women to tie only bidi’avad. The Kaf Hayaim writes that in fact so is the tradition for Sefaradim. As such it appears that you should not tie your hatan’s talit. I spoke with another Rav associated with our Amuta and he said there is a tradition for the hatan to tie his own talit or at least the last knot(s).

Permit me a wedding blessing: As you are starting off your new life as a couple with a halachic question, may you and your husband build your house in strength and happiness based on the halacha and tradition that has given life and meaning to our people for thousands of years.

Mazal Tov,
Mois Navon

Mois Navon