With Raavad How to Address a Short Gdil

I am tying according to the Raavad and I am tying using Raavad’s opinion on how to tie a knot, not a double knot. So without double knots and only tying 7 krichot per chuliya, the entire g’dil ends up being very short. The result is a very short g’dil and a very long anaph. This does not even come close to rav’s shlish-shnei shlish requirement. I read an article on the website talking about the requirement of shlish-shnei shlish. From what I understand there are opinions that the anaph may be lengthened much more than 2/3 of the entire tzitzit. However there were also opinions (like the ramah i think) who state that one should really strive for the shlish-shnei shlish. What should I do if my g’dil is only around 5 cm?

I am aware of this problem with the Raavad’s sheeta. The first problem is that you must have a gdil of 4 thumbreadths which according to the minimal opinion comes out to be 8 cm. In order to handle this problem, you could use THICK strings. The other possibility is to use double knots instead of the Raavad knots. Or, alternatively, you could start and end with double knots.

Alternatively, in order to maintain the sheeta of the Raavad in it’s entirety, is to make the second section with as many krichot as needed such that the total gdil will be 4 thumbreadths! This is ideal, because the Raavad himself says that this section is not a “hulya” and one can do whatever you like there.

Now there is a second problem, and that is of the shlish-shnei-shlish requirement – which is accepted as normative halacha. So once you have made your gdil at least 8 cm – you must cut your anaf to be twice the length of the gdil. Lay the strings flat and loose (do not pull taught) to measure and to cut.

– Mois Navon