Why no Sephardic Tzitzit on the Website

Your site has multiple traditions for tying tsitsit. Sephardic tsitsit are not mentioned. Is there a reason for this?

The Rambam, being the quintessential Spanish Posek, thus defines the tradition
for “Sephardic Tzitzit”. Furthermore, it is not that we prefer to mention it, but rather it is not relevant – there is no “Sephardic” or “Ashkenazi” way to tie tekhelet since poskim from those communities didn’t have tekhelet – rather
there are traditions from which those communities naturally draw upon – Rambam for Sephardim, Tosafot/Rashi for Ashkenazim. That being said, since the question was never decided as such, many Ashkenazim hold like the Rambam.
– Mois Navon