Which is the Most Important 7-Wind Chulya in R’ Schachter’s 7×7 method

I have tied according to Rav Schachter’s old method (3 wind hulyah) and I want to update to his new method (7 wind hulyah). As my strings are already cut to (1/3)(2/3), you wrote in the Tying FAQ that one should make just one hulyah 7 wraps to be yotzei all sheetot mi’d’oraita. My question is: which of the hulyot should be the 7-wind hulyah? Can I just add on to the last hulyah (farthest from the beged) or should I untie back to the first hulyah and expand that one?

R. Schachter explains that a hulyah should be 3 wraps minimum and ideally 7 wraps to be yotzei all de’ot. He writes that one can get by with one hulya of 7 wraps by making the first hulya 7 and the rest 3. It seems to me that it is entirely arbitrary which hulya you make with 7 wraps, he was just giving one option. So in your case, where you already have the strings all tied, it would be reasonable for you to untie the bottom hulyah and make it 7 instead of 3. Again, it seems to me that his main point was that you should have one hulya with 7 wraps, not specifically the first.

– Mois Navon

Mois Navon