Ptil in String Ratio

I would naturally purchase Rambam strings to go along with the Rambam method, yet I have hesitations. I know there is technically no problem with getting Ra’avad strings and tying Rambam, yet it seems that it would be ideal to keep a steady method. Yet the number of tekhelet strings (to my understanding) is more severe in halakhic status, and I do not feel comfortable using the Rambam’s method because I do not understand how it fits. I see his point about how the pteel should be placed on the other white strings, yet the verse can be easily interpreted in other ways, and by the use of the word pteel, it seems to imply 1 full string, end to end.

Ptil can mean strand or tassle and so half a string which appears as a full string when folded through the hole of the begged can certainly fulfill the pshat of ptil.
– Mois Navon