How are Blue-White Rambam Strings Accomplished

How do I make a string which is 1/2 blue and 1/2 white for tying using the Rambam method. Are the 1/2 white string, and the 1/2 blue string tied together? Is this process explained somewhere on your website? If not, could you please explain it to me?

We dye strings half white, half blue. To be specific, we take a very very long strand and die it blue-white-blue-white-etc. then we take 8 strings like that and we twine them together (shezira) such that the white lines up with the white and the blue with the blue. Then we cut them such that we get several “kaful shemona” cords which are each half white and half blue – actually, each cord has more than half blue because you need more blue than white, given that the wraps (krichot) are all blue when tying like the Rambam).
– Mois Navon