Subsidies for Soldiers

Providing Discounted Tekhelet for Soldiers on Active Duty

Free Wedding Tallit

Monthly Raffle Providing Free Tallitot for Newlyweds

Scientific and Operational Research

Increasing our Knowledge of the Processes and Parameters Affecting the Dyeing Focusing on Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Projected New Educational Center

State of the Art Educational Venue to Learn and Experience the Meaning and Beauty of Tekhelet


Promoting Halachic and Scholarly Articles and Books on Tekhelet

Online Virtual Library

Hundreds of Articles, Audio and Video Lectures on all Areas and Topics of Tekhelet Study

Programs and Lectures

Educational Programs in Schools, Lectures, Scholars in Residence, Yemei Iyun in Communities, Online Learning Opportunities

Marine Research

Sustainability, Snail Breeding, Ecological and Environmental Concerns

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